We provide a slideway grinding service covering single components through to full rebuilds of slideway systems, including motivating mechanisms (ballscrew & nut, rack & pinion etc), feedback systems (linear scales etc) and protection (covers, bellow etc). Other considerations including machine alignments and geometric tolerances can be accommodated.

We have over many years worked with numerous failed slideways, applying various repair techniques including the use of Turcite B, Cast Iron plates and other novel solutions, which in turn allows us to tailor any potential repairs to our customers specific needs.

Our travelling column machine allows us to pre-machine slideway elements to a high degree of accuracy, ensuring that subsequent hand skills, such as scraping, is kept to a minimum. This machine also allows us to carry out work on large assemblies and allows us, in some cases, the option to only partially dismantle a machine in order to refurbish the slideway elements. The flexibility and accuracy that this gives has the potential to greatly reduce a machine tool’s potential downtime, saving the customer money and potential production delays, whilst maintaining high quality standards.

We offer large capacity slideway grinding:
5m x 3m x 4m cup wheel
3m x 1.25m peripheral wheel